Daniel Griffin, MD, PhD

Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin, MD, PhD

ACADEMIC TITLE: Associate Research Scientist and Instructor in Clinical Medicine

University of Colorado, BA
New York University School of Medicine, MD
Elmezzi School of Molecular Medicine, The Feinstein Institute, PhD

Dr. Griffin is a member of the Division of Infectious Diseases and an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University. 

Dr. Griffin’s current research focuses on HIV-1 and stem cell latency as well as stem cell gene therapy utilizing retroviral vectors. His other work includes investigating the potential role of human B1 cells and natural antibodies in the development of HIV-associated malignancies. In the area of global health, Dr. Griffin is an expert in tropical diseases and is active seeing patients overseas as well as traveler’s immmigrants and residents in the United States.  

Dr. Griffin is actively involved in medical education and is one of the hosts and regular contributors to “This week in Parasitism” a podcast about eukaryotic parasites and infectious diseases clinical case studies.  

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