Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). Project Bududa, Uganda site

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Throughout May, June And July, Donations Made To Parasites Without Borders Will Be Matched By The Organization And Donated To The Foundation For International Medical Relief Of Children (FIMRC).

Throughout May, June and July, donations made to Parasites Without Borders (PWB) will be matched by the organization and donated to the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). The funds will go toward helping to reopen the nonprofit’s Project Bududa, Uganda site.


A note from FIMRC: “FIMRC has been operating its current clinic since 2016, and has been working to improve access to healthcare in the Bududa region since 2006. Over the years, the FIMRC staff has helped countless patients from issues in preventative care to bringing new life into the world. Staff has continued this work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly to ensure their community had access to vital services even in some of the most difficult conditions. Despite FIMRC’s significant reduction in revenue due to the pandemic, FIMRC has been able to maintain Project Bududa, Uganda due to the invaluable impact the clinic has on the community and staff’s everlasting commitment to providing key services. Unfortunately, with the pandemic continuing to impact FIMRC’s revenue, after two years of consistent operations, Project Bududa is pausing its programs and services. This PWB fundraiser is essential to achieving the goal of reopening Project Bududa in the near future. Sustainability is key to FIMRC’s model in accomplishing long-term improvements in community health, and the $40,000 PWB goal would help achieve this sustainability for Project Bududa. It is a difficult reality to face when funds cannot sustain operations in communities with which we have strong bonds, but FIMRC is committed to finding a way forward to continue the crucial work of improving access to healthcare in the Bududa district.”

Parasites Without Borders

Un recurso educativo integral sobre todos los aspectos de las enfermedades parasitarias y su impacto en la humanidad en todo el mundo.

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